There are a broad range of investments available in France, from relatively simple capital guaranteed products, through to complex high return investment vehicles.

Each has their own benefits and risks, often defined by the detailed terms of the products and the management companies overseeing them.

We have detailed knowledge of both the products and the management companies.

It’s our job to help filter through the available options and recommend investment strategies that are appropriate to your situation.

We provide you with an understanding of the potential benefits and risks, as well as a clear explanation as to why this is the best approach for you.


Working with us means you can be safe in the knowledge that we have your best interests at heart :

  • We will provide you with reliable information on the current options available to you
  • We will clearly explain the risks and rewards of our proposed approach
  • Our advice takes into consideration your overall situation, so you can be confident that you are making the right decision for the long term
  • Many investments are long term projects. We remain by your side throughout the life of the investment, scheduling regular meetings to keep you up to date with how the investment is performing

We want you to make the right decisions for the long term.

We’ll be with you to make sure they are.



The first step is a phone call to discuss your situation in general terms.

We can then quickly provide you with an outline idea of how we can help you.

If you want to proceed further, we then start the more detailed 360º review.

Initially we will fill out a questionnaire together that gives an overview of your situation.

We will then ask you to provide supporting documents so that we can check the fine print.

We then carry out two principle checks :

  • What impact the financial strategy we create for you will have on your global situation.
  • Are there any unforeseen issues that may cause you problems in the future.

We then present you with a detailed report, highlighting areas of concern and suggestions on how to achieve your goals.

You can then decide whether you would like to proceed further.

We can work with you to execute our suggested strategy. Any additional costs will be fully disclosed prior to taking action.


The initial discussion to review your general situation and what you want to achieve is free.

We provide you with an overview of how we can assist you.

If you decide you want to proceed further, the 360º Financial Review starts at EUR 960 HT. The cost may increase, dependant on the complexity of your situation.

Entrance and management fees vary according to the product. In our initial discussions we can provide you with outline figures.

Detailed costs will be provided before any action is undertaken.